Frequently Asked Questions
(Preguntas Frecuentes, поширені питання, Foire aux questions, Perguntas Mais Frequentes...)

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Questions / Answers

Q: Why is it so difficult?
A: Because when it's simple, blogs are deleted by Google.

Q: Nothing happen with ***< Enjoy! >***
A: Try to close your pop-up killer or any anti-script. Then refresh the page.

Q: I have troubles and ads on this blog, WTF?
A: The best way to enjoy this blog (and the Internet) is to use Firefox with Adblock (link)

Q: I use Internet Explorer, why not?
A: Because it's shit.

Q: 5% of the visitors of this blog are using Internet Explorer, why?
A: I don't know, maybe they are stuck in 2001.

Q: Still don't work! What can I do?
A: Send an e-mail to contact@backinpurple.tk with a precise description of your issue. You can join a screen shot.

Q: Why not FLAC?
A: If you want a CD, buy it. If you can play it, LP is the best. Here a good market: www.cdandlp.com

Q: What is the music played when I visit this blog?
A: This is Fuzzy & Groovy, the best rock radio ever. To disable the automatic play, click on "Switch it off"

Q: Why some comments are deleted?
A: Most of them are ads or spam. Please don't post any direct link to a file or archive.

Q: Can you review my brand new album?
A: Have you seen any review on this blog? I'am afraid not.

Q: Can I post an album on this blog?
A: No, but you can create your own blog. It's easy.

Q: Can I do any suggestion?
A: Suggestions are very welcome, especially if you're polite, but at the end, it's always BackInPurple that decide.

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  1. Sincerest Thanks And Appreciation to this site and owner !!!
    I lost 2 copies of the "Manna" album in a storage unit a few years ago, along with 300 albums and 100CDs, etc.

    i lloked hjgh and low fof singles and the album in digital format for many years.
    I saw thkz band open for Loggins. And Messina at UC Davis as a freshman in 1972 , their first tour. i was stunned, jaw agape awestruck.

    All rhat searching and Finally ! worfs are lame at tjmes, so oncd again to my gracious benefactors --- Mucho Thanko!!...st