Shuttah - [1971] - The Image Maker Vol 1 & 2 (UK Prog Psych underrated concept album)

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  1. Shuttah is a excellent Group.

  2. "Embossed tentatively in September 1971 (no cover - in the form of double acetate, with yellow sticker IBC studios in London - visible on the CD label!), but album never released,an completely unknown.. the British group - until now!

    Whoever they were musicians group Shuttah, it is certain that they recorded an excellent, very professional and perfect sounding, full of changing moods and very diverse concept-album, concerning the the problem of World War II. Well-arranged songs, strong vocals, sound effects, organ and heavy guitar-drenched decent dose of acid is the real underground music with a heavy progressive slant,all this makes one of the best studio albums Vertigo,but which requires several (at least) auditions just a little to enter the subject.

    Shadoks Music spoke to Geoff Oliver, the former owner of IBC recording studios, but he could not remember any of the recordings made by Shuttah in his studio -- there were just too many engineers busy at the same time, during those golden days of the London underground, where studios were recording music which became big hits. IBC was famous for making recordings for bands such as The Kinks, The Who and The Beatles, plus many, many others, which leads one to the conclusion that this recording of Shuttah was very expensive to make, so there MUST be a famous musician behind it. The recording, arrangements and concepts are on a very high professional level. Even a search at UK copyright control did not show any results revealing the identity of who, exactly, Shuttah was. Since the original acetates appeared many years ago, this is still a very provocative unsolved mystery of the UK underground. The word Shuttah is a religious reference, if you have a Bible handy. The title of the album The Image Maker also suits the religious meaning.

    Double CD containing the only known recording by this unknown UK progressive rock band that survived as an acetate. Funky, atmospheric concept based progressive rock from 1971 with swathes of heavy keyboards, harpsichord, bass, guitar and melodic vocals that at times sounds like Home's "Alchemist" epic. What distinguishes this album is the top quality production and fully detailed booklet and it all adds up to one stunning reissue."

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    Excellent double concept album.
    Very rare and the Vinyl LP is horrible expensive at Discogs.

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