T2 - [1970] - It'll Work In Boomland (UK Hard Prog)

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  1. The very first minutes, 'press in me in the armchair' - it's what I heard was downright unbelievable! more and more amazed I reached to the cover - wow it was a trio! Okay, I figured, the first piece of went out, we'll see what happens next ... Next was getting better and better!.. of ideas and themes contained in the album, would bestow upon other bands entire discography, this is clearly one of the best records in the history of rock music. As result, is a work of genius (we should remember that been year 1970), which drew its inspiration to hundreds of subsequent teams. To this day I can not understand how it happened that this band did not manage to break through! swim out the wider water!

    But who these people were, where they came from and where it is hiding? The T2 was like the 'Egypt' - civilization - suddenly appeared fully formed, surprised the world and disappeared ... burying in the old archives, looking through hundreds of websites slowly emerge to me, hazy image of three people over whom probably 'gravitated' Curse of!. None of their earlier projects did not manage achieve the due item. But thanks to this 'dug' the next few albums, the formation of these musicians were involved, and prior to the formation of T2.

    Peter Dunton, capable drummer interested in playing Mitch Mitchell and Keith Moon, already in 1967 gave up on different teams - first time with Rod Harrison and Bernard Jinks made just Neon Pearl, then performing with the group Please. In total, he recorded with them the material for three albums - and all of them appeared only many years later. He also collaborated with The Gun and Bulldog Breed, where he met a teenage, yet highly talented guitarist Keith Cross. At the beginning of 1970, undeterred by the fact that the fate of the previous few years, somehow he was not going to smile at him, he founded his own band - a trio Morning. It consisted also, mentioned above: an old friend, bassist Bernie Jinks and Keith Cross. Especially the latter has become a very important figure. Although it Dunton responsible for all the repertoire band, the guitarist has had a huge and so hard to overestimate the impact on the sound of the band. Although only 17 years on the back of the neck played very well, even creatively,not eschewing experiments with articulation and chords. His dynamic performances playing no signs of wear or plagiarism - it is difficult to me to indicate some distinct affinity with the technique of the era of great paddlers. Maybe Beck or Fripp, but the effects are not significant enough to be able to accuse Cross about the lack of originality. In the spring they changed the name Morning trivial for a much more enigmatic T2 and began performing in clubs in London 'Café des Artistes' till the 'Marquee'. They quickly became a significant attraction, about their considerations began to solicit record labels, including (Decca), which eventually signed. In the summer they performed at several major festivals (Plumpton and Norwich) and recorded in Morgan Studios material for their first LP. And this cover like the of fairy tale, cover a work Peter Thaine, copper alia look Tea & Symphony ?– An Asylum For The Musically Insane(1969) or Ralph McTell ?– Spiral Staircase(1969)

    Initially they were going to record a live album, but the publisher has not given his consent. Moreover, the relationship T2 with Decca and producers, hardly be considered a exemplary - discord were on the agenda. Eventually album "It'll All Work Out in Boomland 'was released on July 31, AD 1970. Incidentally, the same day the Royal Navy broke with centuries-old tradition of secretion for seamen - grog(rum or other strong liquor, whisky) I am sure that in the British press this momentous decree live to see a greater number of comments than many classic rock LP ... hehehe

  2. If take a look at rock the world twelve months later, we would find a multitude of great and well-known progrockowych publishers, which would prove just how lush the genre developed at the beginning of the eighth decade of the twentieth century. However, the fact that in the summer in 1970 things were a little different,allows, me to say 'It'll All Work Out in Boomland' high caliber! highly original, and to some extent even pioneering. The second album, recorded at the end of the same year, and released in the 90s. Exactly in 1998 the British label Essex found a lost tape with never-released second album T2 (!!!),also recorded in 1970! confirmed the creative aspirations of the group, its great potential. If it was not premature decay, caused by overwork and conflict concert line-Cross Dunton, T2 would have a good chance of finding one in the progressive vanguard, even next to Genesis and Van der Graaf Generator ... but more about that some other time.

    What can you say about the music itself? Writing that great, brilliant, it's great recorded, well produced is a cliché, but for this album all these descriptions fit perfectly. Analyzing the individual musicians playing - again the same superlatives. Let's start with the guitar - Keith Cross. The very first song presents everything you look for in a hard-prog-rock music from the 70s Only that played with incredible feeling, with the lightness that is only a handful of guitarists in the world. Listening the plate, come to the conclusion that the history of rock music should be written again, with particular reference to Keith Cross, who at the time had barely ... 17 years! He played the guitar, Gibson Les Paul, black with gold fittings,in the third track 'No More White Horses',connect to the amplifier for a while - Fender guitar and by the short time he played a very fine solo, then returned to the basic instrument and once again give chad!

  3. In their music all the time something happens, frequent changes of pace and climate dizzy. And as far as skilled guitarist can handle it, it's still the rest of the band, including the drummer for which such contortions it murder. But Peter Dunton all this game like it was the easiest rhythm in the world (the famous 4/4). Remarkable transitions and changes the of rhythm kinda makes yourself really perfect vocals. A bass drum is the perfect complement. Who knows this music, you probably know that he was not exaggerating with praise. Even if after my favorite 'In Circles' followed half an hour sounds hoes, and so I would consider a whole for at least good, because this track really excellent. Pulsating rhythm on 7/4, sharp guitar theme and in fact several, numerous changes in tempo and melody make quite an impression. Dunton fumbling with chopsticks, as if he really in a hurry, while the Cross shows off his excellent technique, especially in the middle, the instrumental parts. Interestingly, the vocals do not have hard rock nature - drummer sings quietly, softly,but this does do not interfere with dynamic layer of instrumental.

    After a little more than eight minutes of sophisticated heavy-rock in its pure form is a change of mood. 'J.L.T.' (Jolly Little Tune - Cheerful tune) is a quiet ballad with a pretty melody played by acoustic guitar and piano, about half broken by the introduction of a new melody keyboards. In the final coda hear the trumpet - (sources do not indicate how it got there the brass section, probably are keyboards). 'No More White Horses' is a compositional masterpiece - so many different topics here, interludes, lots of singing and solo, that could be arranged suite. The stunts Cross does not even remember what - the term "virtuoso" is here most on the spot. The second album page is what I like most 21-minute suite. 'Morning', is really quite an incredible thing that has been recorded by such young people, as opposed to the songs from the first page, is quite loose, more psychedelic Than progressive structure. Its ends are essentially divided in half soft, acoustic song. And in the middle we find kilkunastominutowy cavities, formed with substantial assistance "inspired artists." So LSD. Sober or not, musicians, T2, and so were able to create a huge portion of the thrilling, complicated rock, full furiackich rushing headlong themes, interesting ideas regarding the sound and rhythm - what the power, what a passion! Unfortunately, as you can see, passion, even in combination with the talent and skills, that's not all .... In the case of T2 finished writing inspiration, luck ran out at the most - well, not widely known that the motley Fortuna horseback riding and often rewarding not quite the right thing. I also think that no words and reviews are not able to describe just the music, so all the hot urge to listen to this album. And for lovers of the old play - it's just riding mandatory.