Budgie - [1972] - Squawk (UK Hard Rock)

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  1. Sin does not to know what is this for band,and does not appreciate Budgie - it blasphemy. Absolutely cult band with a distinctive sound and the singer's voice with a very rarely encountered tones. The first heavy metal group which,has toured in Poland in 1982.

    Budgie was established in Cardiff (Wales) in 1967, composed of bassist / vocalist Burke Shelley, guitarist Brian Goddard, drummer Ray Phillips under the name Budgie Droppings (apparently the name is taken from the TV series.) contested by the pastor,who 'make available', hall to attempts for musicians. Soon to musicians joined a second guitarist Tony Bourge whereas Goddard left the group.

    This band really stand out with the 70s crowd. They move like no other, they rock like no other, and they feel the music like no other. There is some really great soul put into their music by each and every one of the three members. The music screams at me, or better put, SQUAWKS at me. Though I haven't listened to all of their albums, I can't imagine them going bad, if they keep their style. Pain medicine is weak compared to the abilities of this band. They rock like the wind, and roll like the sea. They jam like the earth , and prog like the inner flame inside all of us.

  2. Burke Shelley is one of the highlights of the album. It roars like the throat of a monstrous whale. It rams the music forward into stardom. And it fills in perfectly where it is needed in the music. His voice is as eerie as the wind whistling upon the nooks and crannies of a mountain. His voice is as a flute. Strong and tremendous, but very pleasant to hear indeed. He keeps attacking the song with his voice as if every breathe he speaks he were actually eating the song up, grokking the music. His voice is soft cheese to my ears, and his bass is a fine donut.

    Tony Bourge adds a drop of whiskey to the music with his drowning guitar. His passion show fruitfully, and he truly is a beast. It jams with the infernal light of ingenuity. The guitar and bass truly act as throughout the entire album so well that you would think it was one guitar on one really fat neck.

    Ray Philips is a true drummer. He knows where to put the beats. And his drums are a true backbone to this music. THe drums are bloodbrothers with the bass completely. They work so well together. The true warriors, and barbarians dissappeared, rebirthing as rock and rollers! So every rock and roll fan is a true is a warrior at heart

    Initially, the team was inspired by the achievements of the Beatles, but soon began to aim to make a more powerful sound in the style of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Up until 1971,band had the status of an amateur, playing in clubs in Wales. The breakthrough came when recordings were handed Budgie known producer Rodger Bain. This allows the band signed a contract with a big record label MCA and able to enter the studio to record material for their debut album.

    Album simply called Budgie appeared in 1971,effort by MCA. The album was recorded in rooms having an extraordinary acoustics of the Welsh studio Rockfield Studios, under the ear great producer Roger Bain (such as Black Sabbath) and was recorded in four days live in the studio for so-called. (eight path of) tape recorder. Do not look far attributed, to him Budgie name. Anyway, the basis the band's name, lies idea of ranked by whose she had to express "something light"on the principle opposites of musical style for the which the band undoubtedly keep up.

  3. A year later, Budgie recorded their second album,also under the watchful ear of prodecenta Roger Bain,as for me- sensational and very consistent LP "Squawk". His artwork has prepared one of the most talented artists working for show business - Roger Dean (gained recognition for its distinctive cover artwork depicting the SR-71 Blackbird aircraft with a bird skull.) . Thats creator, author of wrappers such as for groups such as: Yes, Uriah Heep and Osibisy,him painted striking images that found their way the cover of this LP and the next plate ("Never Turn Your Back On A Friend") . Here only throw in,that both of despite the fact that brought such great pearls track "Young Is The World", "Breadfan" and "Parents" in England have had moderate success. Budgie, attempt to branch out and explore a softer, more acoustic sound on a couple of songs here - 'Rolling Home Again' and 'Make Me Happy' - but aside from those folk rock-inspired numbers this is mainly a continuation of the bluesy proto-metal of their debut, though leaning more towards Led Zeppelin than Black Sabbath in terms of their sound this time.

    The first thing that draws attention is the better sound compared to the debut. Everything is more thoughtful,aware. Although still Budgie can not ascend to the heights of their abilities. ''Squawk'' is a balanced album,- without ups and downs...and hardly against any.. (on knees) and equally is difficult any of to mix of mud,and while it followed the same formula riff- rockers interspersed with acoustic numbers the production somehow doesnt have quite the same as on debut Budgie. Perhaps as a result of the move from 8 to 16 track recording But the material was still strong with classic riffs in abundance on rockers such as 'Whiskey River', 'Rocking Man', 'Hot As A Dockers Armpit', the bluesy 'Drugstore Woman', the slow burning 'Bottled' and 'Stranded'.

    The opening album, track 'Whiskey River' is a robust and lively spirited playing. The second song 'Rocking Man' so to speak similarly, but this time hit a remarkable resemblance to Beatles 'Come Together' - aware or not, at least not very desirable. The next two compositions - 'Rolling Home Again' and 'Make Me Happy' - subtle folk ballads with a slight tint, and so the team continues with the debut of the concept of duality. Next in order of 'Hot As A Docker's Armpit' in the introduction brings to mind Zeppelin work 'Communication Breakdown', but for the most part based on the guiding greatly interesting riff and here it is difficult there is to make comparisons, just it is expressive, original Budgie. The next, composition 'Drugstore Woman',band lowers flight falling into a little in mediocre,but then (end of the album) we face a very pleasant moments that accompany listening 'Young Is A World'. It's like the original song later 'Parents', but of course it's far from a class to it. We have here however a similar, the leave you drifting rhythms and reverie, and the final, solos Bourge'a appears even some magic. Almost equally successful is closing the album.'Stranded' is a compelling collage of soul-gospel chants with hard rock riffs. In addition, in the final unexpectedly we listen a fantastic guitar solos, a quite psychedelic hue the sound! - for fans of the band then, this remains indispensible.