Scorpion - [1969] - Scorpion (US Heavy Psych)

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  1. What might have seemed like a great name choice at the time in hindsight now renders this Detroit combo even more obscured by history, sharing the essence of their moniker with 80's rockers Scorpions. Scorpion is far and away a greater being than their latter day counterparts. Their sound fused funk, soul and explosive psych-rock into a powerful sound that led members to be highly sought after session musicians. Bob Babitt and Andrew Smith went on to play on albums with Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper, Yoko Ono and the Temptations while Ray Monette went on to join up with Rare Earth. Obviously their cumulative talents couldn't be contained by just one output but this single album stands as testament to why they were respected as musicians.

  2. This is a great album, thanks!